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Clara Keil, Vanstone Precast (Pty) Ltd

Hi Arina

To give you feedback on the training you provided us with in terms of explaining the BCEA (Basic Conditions of the Employment Act) to our factory staff:

We are very happy with the content of the course as it was very comprehensive and you were able to add a few extras that were specific to our company.

My Production Manager has commented that it is a lot easier to deal with the staff now because they understand better what their rights and obligations are. The staff are also happier because they are more clear and the boundaries they have legally.

I was also very happy with the professional and adaptable manner in which you delivered the course. You demonstrated a very high level of understanding of the situation and of people. Thank you.

I can certainly recommend to other companies that they run the same course. We tend to assume that staff understand the contract of employment, but the reality is that even if employees read their contract, m…


TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Subjects that will be covered, are:Employ effective telephone etiquetteAnswer telephone according to organisational standardsProcess incoming calls according to organisational standardsProcess outgoing calls according to organisational standards
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Project Management


CLASS SCHEDULEThis 3-Month certificate course is the first building block towards achieving the Project Management Diploma on NQF Level 5, i.e. SAQA, and runs on Thursdays (one day per week) from 18h00 to 21h00

SUBJECTSProject Life Cycle and OrganizationProject Management ProcessesProject Scope and Time ManagementProject Cost and Quality ManagementProject Human Resource and Communications ManagementIntroduction to Project Risk ManagementProject Procurement ManagementMS Projects (Project Management Tools)


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