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Monkey see Monkey do Leadership

Deon Schrenk "The ‘monkey see, monkey do’ emulation of role models, of course, applies to all of society – from government and politics to business and even parenting. A leader’s work ethics, values and respect for others will permeate right through the organisation. After all, what behaviour do we expect ordinary constables to emulate when superior(s) has(have) been convicted for corruption? Or how should learners behave at school if their teachers are consistently late or unprepared for class? Or what behaviour do you want your kids to emulate if you... well, you get the picture.

So there you go: monkey see monkey do leadership – as managers and leaders we have to carry the burden of being role models, whether we like it or not. The commitment we demonstrate, the dedication we show, the ethics we practice and the values we live by will invariably be the basis of the behaviours we instil in our people. We can only demand from them what we demand of ourselves. And we need to rem…


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