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If you agree with the cartoon (see below), ....maybe it is time to do some "time management" and set a few goals.

Some of the programs we offer, are: Unit Standard / NQF Level / Credits / Title
114589 Level 4 Credits 4  Manage time productively
117171 Level 3 Credits 2   Manage time effectively to enhance productivity and enable a balanced lifestyle 
242811 Level 4 Credits 5   Prioritise time and work for self and team 
13949 Level 4 Credits  5   Align the business unit's performance to business goals 
15237 Level 5 Credits 3   Build teams to meet set goals and objectives  
120382 Level 4 Credits 4   Plan, organise and support project meetings and workshops 
242822 Level 4 Credits 10   Employ a systematic approach to achieving objectives 
243811 Level 5 Credits 7   Accomplish Objectives and Organise Scope 

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NATIONAL BOSS' DAY: Tuesday 16th October 2012