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ETHICAL STRATEGIES The surest way to build up a good reputation in a highly competitive industry is to ensure that your company has a strong tradition of ethical business behaviour.

Some of the programs we offer, are: Unit Standard / NQF Level / Credits / Title 252042 Level 5 Credits 5   Applied the principles of ETHICS to improve organisational culture 335835 Level 4 Credits 4   Adhere to professional conduct and business ethics242655 Level 4 Credits 4   Demonstrated knowledge and application of ethical conduct in a business environment 12154 Level 4 Credits 5   Business comprehension skills in the context of own experience, industry/sector and business ethics 119670 Level 2 Credits 9   A business plan for a new venture, based ethical codes242815 Level 4 Credits 5  The organisation's code of conduct in an ethical context For more information send us a message from our company web page.