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2nd October 2003

Yesterday, National Productivity Month started, which aims to build the productive capacity of people as the main initiative of the concept. The challenge facing South Africa is the need to improve the economy’s labour absorptive capacity by increasing productivity.

The National Productivity Institute (NPI), the custodian of the Productivity Month campaign, defines productivity as “the ability to combine and convert the energy and competencies of people, and resources at their disposal, into valued goods and services”.

The NPI’s mandate is to prove that productivity is about people, and that people-centred productivity is a key component in overcoming the challenges experienced by South Africa and its citizens.

Productivity is a wealth-generating process that not only drives growth, but which also contributes to nation-building.

NPI executive director Yvonne Dladla says: “Productivity is relevant whether you are an individual or an organisation, an employer or an emp…