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What is the difference between reporting and analysis?
The analysis is about identifying, extracting and exploring data for the purpose of improving business performanceReporting deals with the organizing of data providing information with the purpose to monitor the different business criteria.

We offer a range of learning programs on the subject of Business Reporting Analysis:

SAQA ID 118005 Investigate quality and control mechanisms, NQF Level 2 & 2 Credits  SAQA ID 120381 Project administration processes, NQF Level 5 & 5 CreditsSAQA ID 110023 Present information in report format, NQF Level 4 & 6 CreditsSAQA ID 13223 Safety, health and environmental protection procedures , NQF Level 3 & 6 CreditsSAQA ID 252040 Business Finance Management, NQF Level 5 & 8 CreditsSAQA ID 337063 Assess organisation and/or programme performance, NQF Level 5 & 5 CreditsSAQA ID 258741 Exploratory data analysis, NQF Level 4 & 10 CreditsSAQA ID 252025 Monitor, assess and manage ris…