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Identify common ornamental plants - US 264184

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 264184).  

Learner to identify plants that are commonly grown in the region. At least 50 plants (a mix of trees, shrubs, climbers, groundcovers, herbaceous plants and annuals) to be identified by their scientific names. Although a variety of plant types (trees, shrubs, climbers, annuals, herbaceous perennials, groundcovers etc) should be identified, local circumstances may dictate an emphasis on certain groups.

In this course we explore the following concepts

Identify common plants by their scientific names.Describe the characteristics of the common plants.Detail the environmental requirements of the common plants.Recognize any specific needs of the common plants.Utilize knowledge of common plants to successfully establish and maintain these in the landscape.Entry Level Requirements Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent; Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 1 or equivalent.