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Install irrigation sprinklers and emitters in landscaped areas - US 264036

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 264036).  

To install and adjust various irrigation sprinklers and emitters in landscaped areas using the relevant installation techniques.
In this course we explore the following concepts

Install and adjust cone sprinklers to effectively water a landscaped area.Select the appropriate type of bubbler to water small planted areas.Install various drippers and ensure that all plants receive adequate watering.Utilise the relevant installation techniques to install and set impact sprinklers in landscaped areas.Install and adjust gear drive sprinklers to suit the planted areas in a landscape.Utilise swing joint and other flexible risers to install pop-up sprinklers in lawns.Entry Level Requirements Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent; Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 1 or equivalent.