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Establish an area of turf with grass sods - US 119690

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 119690).  

To know how to prepare the soil for planting grass sods.
In this course we explore the following concepts

Cultivate and grade the selected areaPrepare the soil and apply the base fertilizersLay and roll the grass sodsThroughout the course we will be: Reflecting on and exploring a variety of strategies to learn more effectively.Participating as responsible citizens in the life of local, national and global communities.Being culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts.Exploring education and career opportunities.Developing entrepreneurial opportunities.
Entry Level Requirements Demonstrate knowledge of communication and numeracy at Abet Level 1.

Prune & shape shrubs - US 264176

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 264176).  

In this course we explore the following concepts

Use pruning techniques to achieve optimum growth and flowering of shrubs and herbaceous perennials.Rejuvenate shrubs and trees by applying the appropriate pruning techniques.Conduct formative pruning to create the desired shape.Apply post pruning care to plants.Entry Level Requirements Communication at NQF Level 1 or equivalent; Mathematical Literacy NQF Level 1 or equivalent.