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ASSESSING ORGANISATION PERFORMANCE (Unit Standard 337063 - NQF Level 5; 5 Credits)

Demonstrate knowledge and insight into the principles of monitoring and evaluation in assessing organisation and/or programme performance in a specific context.
Target Group This course is intended for learners who do not have formal training in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), but who have an embedded monitoring and evaluation function within a work profile. It should assist in raising the level of consciousness of learners in different contexts about monitoring and evaluation. It will be useful for Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists, Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioners, Senior Managers, Parliamentarians, Politicians, Decision Makers, Directors General and Deputy Directors General, Chief Directors, Directors, Ministers, Heads of Department, Users with an oversight role and Portfolio Committees, Non Governmental Organisations and business organisations.

Public Sector refers to all tiers of Government and Organs of State. 
The learner will be capable of: Explaining the purpose…