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DEMAND MANAGEMENT (Unit Standard 377901 - NQF LEVEL 5; 7 Credits)

Target Group
Public sector, i.e. all three spheres of government (national, provincial and local), as well as any agency that is funded by the State. Organisations, i.e. institutions, departments or units. 
Demand Management is the initial phase of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and sets the trend for all subsequent actions that are associated with SCM. Learners will understand the role and importance of Demand Management within the SCM system and perform a variety of activities to ensure that organisational needs are correctly identified and that procurement takes place according to structured procurement plan.

Learners will be able to:  •  Understand Demand Management in the public sector.
•  Conduct a needs analysis to support the strategic objectives of the organisation.
•  Develop, manage and implement a procurement plan.
•  Compile specifications and/or terms of reference and evaluation criteria.