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Procedures to follow when employees return to work from being absent

Useful Guide to Deal with Absenteeism in the Workplace
Step 1: Conduct a post -absenteeism interview with the employee within 48 hours of returning to work.

Step 2: The interview must be inclusive of the following in terms of the absence:

The duration The reason The reason for not getting permission Supporting documents, inclusive of the leave form.

Step 3: The interviewing manager and the employee must sign the post-absence interview form or minutes of the meeting.

Step 4: The interviewing manager must assess the reason for absence and determine the leave category to account for the absence, e.g. sick leave.
Step 5: The employee must complete a leave application form for the duration of the absence and indicate the reason as determined in Step 4 above. Both of you must sign this application form.
Step 6: Submit the leave form, post-absence interview form and any supporting documents to Human Resources within 48 hours of your employee's return to work.