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What does the requirement regarding 'EE steps and measures' mean?

The new amendments require you to define specific steps and measures that detail how you'll implement employment equity in your company. You then need to include the detail in your EE Plan(s).

In the past, many companies made broad statements like this in their EE Plan:

We will train previously disadvantaged employees; ORWe will implement a new graduate recruitment programme; ORWe will ensure that managers treat all employees fairly.

Those kind of statements will not meet the new EE requirements. Government has tightened these provisions and now want your EE Plan to detail specific actions, for each year of your Plan. You must include details like:

What you'll do;Step-by-step breakdown on how you'll do this;Who'll actually be doing it; andWhen you'll actually do it. You must include a calendar of events or milestones.

To make sure you comply with these new provisions, the new amendments make it compulsory for all designated employers, no matter what  size, to now rep…