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1-Day Workshop PRESENTATION SKILLS Target Group
This course is intended for people who are, or are intending to be making oral presentations on a regular basis often to large or small groups of people. The course will equip learners to present confidently, effectively, audibly and professionally. The course will also equip learners with presenting skills to persuade the audience by confidently presenting ideas, recommendations, opinions and proposals effectively. 

Workshop Benefits
The workshop will empower you as follow:
Make an effective presentation.Reach your audience.Portray a good poise during a presentation.Handle questions and overcome any objections.Lesson 1: Communication Skills
This lesson explains:

How to use your voiceHow to speak with confidence and with convictionHow to reach your audience and be heard When to use the appropriate conversational style How to use a natural delivery style How to establish trust during the presentation How to focus your presentationHow to make your…