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Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Horticulture Industry - US 119687

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 119687).  

In this course we explore the following concepts

Gain an insight into the full spectrum of activities within the horticultural industry.Identify the career paths that are available to learners.Recognise the important role that horticulture plays in enhancing South Africa as a tourist destination.Explain the supply chain in horticulture and the major sectors that are involved in the industry.Entry Level Requirements Demonstrate knowledge of communication and numeracy at Abet Level 3.


2-Day Workshop PRESENTATION SKILLS Target Group
This course will be useful to delegates who need a sound foundation of spoken language ability for further language growth, and for application in real life contexts. 

Workshop Benefits
Talk confidently in both formal and informal contexts Be aware of the ways others speakConvey your ideas and information Maintain communicationAdapt language without losing own meaningBe focused and coherent Influence your audience

Exercises can be customized to the participants own workplace environment; Generic course-ware and workshop delivery can be adapted to the participants unique requirements

Lesson 1: Speaking and Listening
This lesson explains:

How to clarify meaning from informationHow to clarify understanding, information, ideas and opinionsWhen to use intonation (tone)/NMFs, volume/sign size, pace and rhythm, pitch/NMFs, stress, repetition and pacingHow to sustain inter-actions How to distinguish and support the main ideas How to identify…