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Maintain optimal environmental conditions for floristry arrangements - US119688

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 119688).  

In this course we explore the following concepts

A person credited with this unit standard will be able to monitor and maintain the optimum environmental conditions for floral products in a commercial florist premises by controlling the ventilation, lighting, temperature and watering.
Entry Level Requirements

Demonstrate knowledge of communication and Numeracy at NQF level 1

Utilise and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure - US116060

This is a NQF registered programme (SAQA Reg. No 116060).  
A learner achieving this program will be able to select basic equipment and implements that are appropriate to a combination of activities within a single agricultural process. S/he will be able to operate in a safe and responsible manner. 

In addition learners will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas of agriculture or to strive towards professional standards and practices at higher levels. 

Competent learners will be fully conversant with agricultural regulations and aspects of safety to ensure the application of quality practices and thus strengthen agricultural practices in general. 

Learners will gain an understanding of sustainable agricultural practices as applied in the animal, plant and mixed farming sub fields. This unit standard focuses on the application of equipment, technology, implements and infrastructure in primary agriculture. 

They will be able to participate in, undertake an…