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Reduction of operational costs... retrenchment
Checklist for fair retrenchment Sufficient reasonFair criterion for employee selectionConsultations with all the stakeholders ahead of the decisionSufficient information were communicated
Is the employee guilty of insubordination or insolence? Insolence is disrespectful behaviour Insubordination is the refusal to follow a lawful and reasonable instructionIf there are no serious negative consequences to the organisation on the first occurrence of this offence a dismissal is not appropriate. Rather issue a written or final written warning.
Each of the above must be treated as separate charges.  The following are reasons for dismissal:Absenteeism Alcohol addiction & abuseBreach of restraint of trade agreementDesertionDisabilityEmail/Internet abuseFailure to observe security and safety regulationsGross incompetenceGross negligenceIllegal strikingIncapacityInsubordinationMoonlightingPoor performanceRefusal to workRetrenchmentSexual harassmentSl…