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EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS: What does the law say?

Employees MUST HAVE the terms and conditions of their employment IN WRITING, i.e. a letter of appointment, or a contract of employment.The document must be signed, to avoid disputes.The document must be signed and filed no later than on the first date of employment.Keep it on file for at least three years AFTER the employee's resignation date (Section 29 of the BCEA).
Updates must be done upon changes of any of the following the legislationthe terms and conditions  the employee’s pay or benefits
Who must have a contract Temporary or part-time employees: fixed employment period, oronly work one day a week, oronly work every weekend, oronly work half day.
How can you be protected from legal comebacks? Make sure there is an employment agreement in placeMake sure the document is signedMake sure you've had a meeting with the employee to discuss the contents of the agreement - have copies of this meeting's minutes signed and placed on file.
Case study: The new employee on day 1 has no…