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Limits applicable to remuneration

As well as d-days applicable to some regulated professions 1.UIF liability is still 1% employer, 1% employee, applicable to remuneration of less than R14 872 per month, effective from 1 October 2012.
2.The SDL-threshold is still R500 000.00. Where it is expected that total remuneration will exceed R500 000 over the next 12 months, SDL is payable at 1% of the gross remuneration paid to employees (including overtime, members’/directors’ remuneration, leave pay, bonuses, commissions and lump sum payments).
3.Leave may only be paid out on termination of employment.
4.Filing season for IRP5 reconciliations started 01/04/2014 and ends 30/05/2014.
5.Submission of FSB reports for both insurers and EAAB reports for estate agents not later than four months after year-end.
6.Submission of Law Society reports, not later than 6 months after year-end.