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ABSENTEEISM - What it really means!!!

In your organisation, you are faced with employees wasting lots of time and managers feel they don't have control over it. You are not alone. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index estimated the productivity lost due to absenteeism in the US is about $84 Billion annually. Absent does not only mean not being at work. Absent also means: 1.Arriving late (It is still absent as long as the employee is not at work.) 2.Leaving early (It is still absent if he is not at work) 3.Extended tea or lunch breaks - the employee is not at the workstation, and therefore absent. 4.Attending to private business during working hours - the employee is at work, but is not attending to his/her duties in terms of the employment contract - and is therefore absent. 5.Extended toilet breaks - same as extended lunch or tea breaks. 6.Feigned illness - thus giving rise to unnecessary visits to the on-site clinic, or take time off to "visit the doctor" - which they never do, because they don't need a me…