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When to use ICEBREAKERS in speeches, presentations, lectures

When to use icebreakers

As a Pattern Interrupt - helps people to stop and focus on the here and now. Ensures people are present and focused before entering in to the substantive part of the dialogue.As a Metaphor or Lesson - by choosing the right icebreaker you can create an experience that speaks to the meeting purpose or the core of the problem or opportunity to be discussed. How people behave during the icebreaker and lessons learned can be reincorporated in the facilitated session to further accentuate a point or intended outcome.To Build Familiarity - especially with people who don’t know one another, icebreakers get people talking to those who they may feel apprehensive to disclose personal or emotional information.To Alleviate Status Concerns - icebreakers help people to experience working together on ‘common ground’ where status or expertise can’t take the upper hand.To Set the Tone - a fun icebreaker helps set a lighter tone which may be necessary before entering into a diffic…