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This week's tips...
1) Quickly Fix Wrongly Formatted Dates
2) An Unusual Technique for Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns
3) Change Excel's Default Open/Save To Location

CHECKLIST TO PREPARE for a dismissal case at the CCMA

How to increase your chances of success for a case at the Labour Court.
1 Start your preparation well in advance of the CCMA date so you arrive confident and without stress.
2 Collect all your documentary evidence and file it in a sequential order.
3 Prepare your witnesses. Ask them the questions you'll ask at the court hearing and list.  Listen carefully to their answers. If the answers are not to the good of the case, don't use that witness.
Alert witnesses to awkward questions the employee's lawyer could ask. This will ensure your witness knows what to expert at the hearing and isn't hit with questions that'll make him lose his credibility.
4 Prepare to cross-examine the employee bringing the case against you. You need to do this so you can deny his allegations and show weaknesses in his arguments.
5 Prepare a final argument and include decisions in other cases to strengthen your argument.
6 Make arrangements for your witnesses to get to court on time. This coul…