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Golden Rule: Keep your actions consistent

1.Give counselling: This positive form of discipline helps the manager and the employee identify areas of concern. Clarify the expected performance levels. Clarify and agree the time frame for improvement.
 2.Issue warnings: Verbal warning are followed by written warnings according to the company disciplinary policy. A final warning applies to repetitive misconduct or a serious offence.
3.Conduct a disciplinary hearing: Following the final warning, or in the event of a serious misconduct, is the disciplinary hearing where dismissal could be the outcome.

ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS Medical treatment? If an employee broke your rule because of an illness, refer him/her for medical treatment. Departmental transfer: Only appropriate if the working environment affects performance. Otherwise it may just transfer the problem from one department to another.
Demotion? ONLY if the employee has to agreed to demotion.
Suspension? different types...
- Suspension with pa…