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It’s that time of year again when companies are planning their office year-end parties. While many people enjoy this opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate a long hard year with their colleagues, there is potential for disaster, especially when you mix alcohol into the equation. 

Make sure that you respect different faiths

Although most companies have amended their terminology to reflect a ‘year-end’ rather than ‘Christmas’ party, there may still be employees who aren’t comfortable participating because of their religious beliefs. If this is the case within your organisation, what should you do?

If the party is scheduled to take place outside of office hours, you, as an employer, may not compel an employee to attend. However, if the party takes place during normal working hours, you may provide employees with the alternative to either attend the party, or work as usual.

Does what happens at the party, stay at the party?

Unfortunately not. If the party takes place during office ho…