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Types of Evidence:Documentary: Any book, map, plan, drawing, photograph letter or piece of paper that can provide information on a fact in questionPrima Facie: At first instance, or at first glanceHearsay: Evidence was not experienced - the value depends on credibility


To unhide a single row:

1) In the Name box, type a cell reference (e.g. D5) for any cell in the hidden row and press Enter. This will make select that cell even though it's in a hidden row;

2) Next, from the Home tab, click the Format command, point to Hide & Unhide, then Unhide Rows.

To unhide multiple hidden rows,:

In Step 1 above, type a reference to the rows in the Name box.

For contiguous rows, enter the top left and bottom right cells separated by a colon (e.g.. D5:D8).

For non-contiguous rows, enter a cell from each row that you want to unhide, separated by a comma (e.g. B5, B8, B15).

Related Keyboard shortcuts:

F5 opens the Go to dialog (can be used instead of Name Box to enter cell reference)
CTRL+9 to hide selected rows
CTRL+0 to hide selected columns
CTRL+Shift+( to unhide selected rows
CTRL+Shift+) to unhide selected columns (apparently doesn't work in Excel 2013)