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RECRUITMENT - Four types of interviews

Use any, or a combination of these interview types to find the candidate that fits the brief. Use an unstructured interview when you want to find out a little more about the candidate. Hold a conversation rather than asking planned questions. Use a structured interview to compare candidates. Ask all applicants the same structured questions.Use a mixed interview to ask the same structured and unstructured questions and get more information through conversation.Use a competency-based interview to find out if the person has the required competencies for the job. Ask questions that allow the candidate to give examples of times in the past when he’s displayed the required competencies.Generally, a first interview should take approximately 30 minutes. If you include the competency-based questions, the interview should take approximately an hour. Decide how many interviews you need based on the number of questions you need to ask and how many …


Extracted from the LRA with reference to what must be consulted on:
The employer and the other consulting parties must, in the consultation envisaged by subsections (1) and (3), engage in a meaningful joint consensus-seeking process and attempt to reach consensus on -
(a) appropriate measures-
(i) to avoid the dismissals;
(ii) to minimise the number of dismissals;
(iii) to change the timing of the dismissals; and
(iv) to mitigate the adverse effects of the dismissals;
(b) the method for selecting the employees to be dismissed; and
(c) the severance pay for dismissed employees.
(3) The employer must issue a written notice inviting the other consulting party to consult with it and disclose in writing all relevant information, including, but not limited to-
(a) the reasons for the proposed dismissals;
(b) the alternatives that the employer considered before proposing the dismissals, and the reasons for rejecting each of those alternatives;
(c) the number of employees likely to be affecte…