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Equal pay for equal work: What impact will it have?

Recent changes to the Employment Equity Act refer to Equal pay for Equal work of Equal value. The new Section 6(4) has been introduced to deal with unfair discrimination in relation to the terms and conditions of employment referring specifically to employees doing “same or similar” work. What exactly does this mean and what impact is it likely to have? In a nutshell it means that treating employees, doing the same or similar work differently, may well amount to unfair practice and may be deemed to be discriminatory. Should this occur then employers may well have to show that differences in wages or other conditions of employment are in fact fair. This can be done if factors such as experience, skill and extent of responsibility are taken into consideration and have been clearly outlined by employers. To my way of thinking this section of the Act will place the onus on employers to review all employment policies as well as develop new and more in depth job profiles where the required…

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Is education in SA getting better?

Stakeholders debate the ministerial task team report on the NSC.

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