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So, you also feel talking about goals and objectives are boring, do you? You feel it's "old school stuff" which you teach school leavers, or new entries into the job market. Really, why waste your time? Tell it to junior staff!  There's far more intelligent subjects, right?

Yes indeed!!! There are far more intelligent subjects. We could discuss the economy, the political climate, environmental matters, and so the list goes on. We sure could discuss them. But that's all, you're discussing, and not achieving.

WHAT have you achieved this first six months of the year?The year is running out...
What do you have to show? What legacy do you have to pass on? What are the lessons you've learned? If you are so certain of yourself, I dare you to write them down! How long is your list? If you give the list to someone else to review, will some of the items be scratched off?

Think about the lives you've touched.
WHO are they? HOW have you made a positive contribution …