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More and more today there is an unproductive, and quite frankly frustrating, trend towards digital conflict resolution. 

We seem to prefer issue resolution via text messaging and emails, instead of facing the other person / dealing with the issue directly.

Email and text messaging has become a lazy and convenient tool for issue-avoidance. It is easier, quicker, less stressful, and less confrontational to have critical or challenging issues sent over email and text messages than a live one-on-one conversation.  What does it say about character building?

What does it say about improving your verbal communication skills?

Have you ever experienced those unproductive strings of back-and-forth emails or texts that should have stopped in round two, but continue?

Here are  a few reasons why you should NOT try to resolve sensitive matters via email or text messaging:

Emotional Intelligence can be confused via email.Hearing the person is as important as what they are saying because you are able to…