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Click here to visit source website. Sometimes you want a picture in your document to be lighter so it doesn’t interfere with text. You can do that by adjusting the transparency of the picture inside of a shape. You can also make certain colors in a picture transparent. Picture with a transparency of 70% You will have to take a few extra steps to make your whole picture transparent. You'll need to put your photo inside a shape first, and then change the transparency. Tip:  If you have an image editing app, you can use it to make your picture transparent. Then save the picture in a format that preserves transparency information (such as a Portable Network Graphics (.png) file), and insert the file into your Office document. 2016, 201320102007 In Office 2013 and Office 2016, you can make a picture transparent by using a shape picture fill, or you can make one color in a picture transparent. Make the whole picture transparent using a shape picture fillAdd a shape, such as a rectangle. R…